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Our Funding

Sapphire Partnership is a registered charity and we apply for grants and bids in order to provide a whole range of experiences and activities as well as life learning opportunities and projects. Applying for funding allows us to provide extra value to the Sapphire experience and ensures that we can provide many of the activities for either no cost or a minimal cost to families.

Our experiences 2020 - 2022

Lads Group - Funded by Bolton CVS, 2022

Bolton CVS funded us to provide 2 specialist workers.

We appointed Barry Dobbins to run a 'lads group' and they work on specific targets surrounding social interactions, improving skills and getting work ready. This is proving to be a really successful group who have gained a range of skills as well as some volunteer work placements.

We also appointed Lesley Beddows to provide some specialist support to a range of our young adults in the form of personal development and individual support. This has ranged form 1:1 sessions for some young adults going through difficult times as well as small group work on specific development targets. This support has been invaluable to our young adults.

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Christmas Party - Funded by Forever Manchester, 2022

Forever Manchester granted us some money to provide a Christmas party for our young adults. We consulted with them and they decided to hold the party in a local bar which they liked to frequent and the grant paid for the buffet. We also invited a local church group in to Sapphire to sing Christmas Carols with us and the money granted also provided drinks and mince pies for everyone. It was a real community Christmas for us.

Jubilee Celebration - Funded by ASDA, 2022

We were granted some money from ASDA to provide a range of Jubilee celebrations for the Queens Jubilee. We had a blast taking part in a pub quiz and lunch and we organised a street party where we invited some similar organisations to join us in the celebrations.


Mobility Funds - Funded by Arnold Clark, 2022

Arnold Clark very kindly funded our wheelchair and accessories. Some of our young adults cannot manage being on their feet for ling distances and so this has allowed them to still be able to take part in activities that otherwise may have been too difficult to access.

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Health & Wellbeing - Funded by the National Lottery, 2021

We were granted a sum of money from the National Lottery to provide Health and Wellbeing activities for our young adults. We consulted with them to find out what they felt would benefit from. Throughout the year they took part in the following activities...

Bowling, Inflatanation, Emma's Crazy Creatures, Pottery Painting, Accessible Cycling, Sports and Games and Mini Golf.

They also visited Brockholes Nature Reserve, Heaton Park, Bar Four, The Airport Pub and Fredericks Ice Cream Parlour.


Summer Activities - Funded by Alpkit, 2021

Alpkit granted us some money to buy some equipment for outdoor activities during summer. We bought each of our young adults a pair of walking boots and walking socks. This allowed us to have no barriers when getting out and about more in local parks and community.

We also bought some water proof jackets and a rucksack for when we are out and about.

Lastly we purchased some yoga equipment for when we take part in yoga in the park or at Sapphire. 

All of this equipment allowed the young adults to take part in a range of activities without the worry of not having the correct equipment.

Community Activities - Funded by the Co-operative Bank, 2020

The Co-op Bank granted us some money to fund activities for our young adults. The activities were to provide mental wellbeing and improve social skills within community activities. After consulting with the young adults they decided to go to Blackpool Zoo and Poppywood Alpacas. From the visit to Poppywood we also decided to adopt 2 alpacas which has also given the young adults opportunity to learn about responsibilities.


Big Life Journal - Funded by Bolton CVS, 2020


We received a grant from Bolton CVS to provide each of our young adults with a Big Life Journal. The journals tackle subjects such as self belief, being unique and how mistakes cna help us grow. We have had brilliant feedback from the young adults and their parents...

GS - "It has helped me to settle down sometimes, it is quite enjoyable"

TM - "I like talking about my favourite things"

CK - "My daughter has really enjoyed it"

IM - "My daughter has loved filling it in and has got a lot from it"

Community Activities - Funded by the National Lottery, 2020

In 2020 we were awarded some money from The National Lottery to provide activities focusing on having a healthy mind and healthy body. We provided a large range of activities which enhanced the young adults' understanding of the benefits of having a healthy mind and body:

  • Sporting games with Elite Solutions

  • Pamper Day

  • Sublime Science

  • Pebble Painting

  • Scrapbooking with Georgina

  • Music with Ian Bamford

  • First Aid Skills with Simeon

  • Mountain Monkeys activity centre

  • Swimming

  • Barge Trip on Lady Harriet

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