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Sapphire Minibus

We are working hard to raise money to buy Sapphire a minibus. The minibus will greatly impact the young adults as we will be able to take them out to visit more places, take bigger groups out and visit places further afield. 

It will also reduce the amount of money Sapphire is spending on transporting the young adults currently which means we can pass the savings on to doing more activities with the young adults.

We would be extremely grateful if you would like to fundraise on our behalf.

Danceathon £1016

The young adults took part in a 6 hour danceathon including performing a dance routine and zumba session.

21 mile walk £286

Gerry (one of our young adults' nanna) completed the Guild Wheel Preston 21 mile walk. What an achievement


Don't Dis  
My Ability 


During Learning Disability week on the 19th to 25th June 2023, Sapphire Partnership spent the week showcasing the amazing abilities of our young adults by providing creative workshops run by specialists.

We want to change the narrative that surrounds having a disability and encourage everyone to embrace difference and look at the positives that having a disability can bring. Join us by advocating for people with disabilities.

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