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Funded by the National Lottery 2022

Health and Wellbeing



We went to Hollywood Bowl with a group of our young adults. This is always a firm favourite activity which encourages sportsmanship, communication and friendships as the same time as working on motor skills and maths skills.


This 'Fun Friday' session was a great laugh as everyone enjoyed burning off lots of energy jumping, bouncing and rolling around on the inflatables. Such a great way to have fun with friends and build upon social relationships.

Emma's Crazy Creatures

Emma brings her scaly, crawly and fluffy creatures to Sapphire and we love it! We have got to know the personalities of many of her creatures and have learned how to care for them and how they all have different needs which we need to consider.


Pottery Painting

We went to Bluebells pottery and we all chose what we wanted to paint. It was a calm and relaxing session and we also met some lovely people there. We cannot wait to see the finished pieces when they have been fired. It is good to take time to be creative and feel the excitement of seeing the finished piece.

Accessible Cycling

We attend 'Wheels for all' regularly and love trying the different accessible bikes. Some you can ride with a friend or using your arms. Some of our young adults have improved so much and become independent riders, learning how to direct and turn the bike and how to keep pedaling. It's a great way to keep fit too!

Sports and Games

We have weekly sessions with Andy from Elite Sports where we learn new skills, play groups games and get our bodies moving. We always feel so much better after doing some exercise.


Ice Cream trip

We took at trip to Fredericks ice cream shop and spent a while looking at all the flavours before deciding which to have. We really enjoyed spending time with our friends whilst having a yummy treat.

Mini golf

Amazonia provided the perfect game of mini golf for us all. We had a few 'hole in ones' and even people who said they didn't like playing it ended up playing and having a great time. It's always good to try something new.

Brockholes nature reserve

We had a wonderful time at Brockholes as we made flower bombs to put in our garden and used binoculars to see what wildlife we could find. The calm feelings of the water and fresh air and excitement of seeing some of the wildlife all made the day memorable.

amanda airport.jpg
connor farm.jpg


We took a trip to the local airport viewing area. We had lots of fun watching the airplanes fly right over our heads and some of us got pretty good at guessing the aircraft companies as they were flying in. We had a lovely lunch at the Airport Pub onsite too. This trip allowed the young adult to spend some relaxing time together and enjoy talking about aircraft and holidays they had been on.

Heaton Park

We had the best time at Heaton park. First we visited the farm area and saw many animals including a peacock which was showing off all of his feathers. We then had a picnic together and enjoyed sitting in the sunshine chatting to each other. Finally we finished the day off with some games including Hide and Seek which was very creative and so funny!

Bar Four

We have found a lovely little bar in Bolton called Bar Four. We like to go here regularly for a game of pool, a drink and sometimes we have lunch too.
We love this place because it is a safe space for our young adults to socialise and learn to become more independent. The staff are really supportive of what we are trying to achieve and they even put Karaoke on for us! Bonus!

Funded by The National Lottery 2022: News
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