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Healthy Mind, Healthy Body

The National Lottery Fund

In November 2020 we were awarded some money to provide activities focusing on having a healthy mind and a healthy body. We provided a large range of activities which enhanced the young adults' understanding of the benefits of having a healthy mind and healthy body. We hope this will help us to stay more healthy and positive during difficult times.

Sporting games with Elite Coaching Solutions

November 2020 - February 2021

Kieran from Elite Coaching Solutions run some fun sports sessions with us working on ball skills, listening skills, teamwork and most importantly having fun. 

Here are some quotes from our young adults...

GS "Made me feel active and fun, enthusiastic and energetic"

NB "Good, i like it"

TK "Kieran made it funny"

LG "I enjoyed the dodgeball"

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Pamper day

November 2020

We treated the young adults to some well needed pamper time. We had foot spa's, foot massages, facials, hand massages, nail care, aromatherapy and a goody bag to take home and continue the pamper.

Our young adults said...

AM "I loved it, I want to do it again. I need more of these kind of days. It gets the anxiety and stress off you."

TM "I liked having a facial. I felt so relaxed"

MS "It was wonderful and it was calm"

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pamper day.jpg

Sublime Science

December 2020

Adam from Sublime Science gave us a morning of excitement with his wonderful experiments including flying balls, smoke bubbles, noise vibrations, making sherbert and slime and much more. We had lots of fun and we learned a bit too!

This is what our young adults thought about it...

MB "He was shmazing. My favourite was when i was Adams assistant and we blew the balls in the air. I thought 'oh my god'. I was mesmerised"

AM "It was fun and interesting, especially the blower, making the sherbert and the light bulb experiment. It makes me want to make my own sensory things"

NB "The best was the flying ball"

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Pebble painting

December 2020

Catherine came in to show us how to create some Christmas designs on pebbles. We chose from lots of different designs and used acrylic paints and pens to create our own Christmas themed pebbles.

This is what some of our young adults thought about these sessions...

TM "It is really relaxing"

MB "It helps me to occupy myself and focus on something good"

LM "I like it"

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pebble pi.jpg

Scrapbooking with Georgina

December 2020

Georgina who runs Coffee Cake and Craft in St Andrews Court has been in to Sapphire to show us how to make stunning scrapbooks and beautiful page inserts. 

HB - "I loved making my scrapbook it was so lovely and beautiful"

GS - "It was wonderfully amazing and I can't wait to put my photos in it"

MB - "I love it and I am going to put special memories in it"

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Emma's Crazy Creatures

December 2020

Emma joined us again to show us her amazing creatures and tell us all the weird and wonderful things about them. 

TM - "I enjoyed taking photographs of the creatures and one of them tried running round the room"

JK -  "They were amazing"

HB -  "I loved when he walked on to my shoulder"

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emma pic.jpg

Music with Ian Bamford

February - April 2021

Ian has been providing us with lots of different musical activities over the weeks including using Bamboo Tamboo, Ukulele's, Samba drums and singing. We learn lots about the cultures and origins of the instruments before having some fun playing together.

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Collage 2021-03-29 09_56_23.jpg

First Aid skills with Simeon

March 2021

We spent the day learning lots of skills which could help others or ourselves if an accident was to happen. We learned how to bandage a limb or head injury, how to put a sling on, how to resuscitate a baby, child or adult, how to use a defibrillator machine and how to support injuries until help arrives.

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Collage 2021-03-29 10_29_10.jpg

Team games with Elite Sporting Solutions

March - July 2021

After learning lots of balls skills we started playing lots of team games and when the weather was nice we headed outside to the park to continue the sports

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Collage 2021-03-29 09_58_02.jpg

Dino Falls Mini Golf

March / April 2021

We have taken two groups of young adults to Dino falls. They really enjoyed the golf as well as the surroundings where we learned lots about Dinosaurs. We had a few hole in ones too which was great!

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dino golf.jpg

Mountain Monkeys

April 2021

Mountain Monkeys provided us with some amazing days. We took part in archery, rifle shooting, bush craft and more importantly we worked as a team and helped each other to achieve goals.

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mountain monkeys.jpg


May / July 2021

We loved the freedom of being able to swim again. We had such a fun session full of races, tig and splashing round in the pool.

DC "It was fun. George was splashing and it was funny"

TM "I liked playing tig with my friends in the pool"

JM "We felt such freedom being able to play around in the pool, we had really missed it"

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May 2021

Jumping, sliding, falling, wobbling, bouncing and lots of laughing. This was a great way to relieve some stress, get some exercise and have lots of fun.

AM "I loved it"

DC "I enjoyed it and want to go back"

MB "I enjoyed the slide and Jen was funny because she kept falling over"

NB "Really good, I like jumping"

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Wheels for all

May - August

We attend regular sessions at wheels for all based in Leverhulme park. Here we can all try different adapted bikes. This means there is something for everyone. Its really fun and getting us fit too!

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wheels for all.jpg

Lady Harriett boat trip

June 2021

We had our first FUN FRIDAY trip on a barge called the Lady Harriett. We had the best time. We travelled from Boothstown down the canal to Leigh and back. We had a picnic and sang songs as well as appreciating the beautiful surroundings we were in.

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June 2021

We had a fabulous time in Blackpool. We went to Coral Island and played on the arcade games. We then went in to Blackpool tower and experienced the 4D show before going to the top of the tower. Some of us were brave enough to stand on the glass floor! Chippy dinner and ice cream treats topped off a brilliant day.

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Collage 2021-07-16 12_31_35.jpg

Wild Wings of Prey

May 2021

We visited Wild Wings of Prey and saw some magnificent birds. The people were lovely and told us so many interesting facts about all of the birds. It is a lovely and welcoming environment.

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Collage 2021-07-16 12_34_47.jpg

Foot Golf

July 2021

First time playing Foot Golf for most of us and it was a brill experience. The sun was shining too!

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