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Personal Wellbeing

We received a grant from Bolton CVS to provide each of our young adults with a Big Life Journal. The journals tackle subjects such as believing in yourself, being unique, how mistakes can help you grow and how challenges can make you stronger.

We started working on the journals before Christmas 2020 and the young adults took them home for over the Christmas period. 

We will continue to work on the activities in the journals and try to develop a growth mindset. 

We have had brilliant feedback from the young adults and their parents and carers.

Here is what the young adults said: 

GS - It has helped me to settle down sometimes it is quite enjoyable

LG - It is fun to do

TM - I liked talking about my favourite things

Here is what the parents/carers said:

SC - My son really enjoys the journal

CK - My daughter has really enjoyed it

IM - My daughter has loved completing it and has got a lot from it.

Funded by Bolton's Festive Fund: Welcome
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